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BLACKLIGHT Clothing Line

Blacklight is China FIRST hip-hop clothing line. This is the beginning of a movement. We are here in China to promote hip hop culture through fashion. To make orders send your requests to We are also currently looking for models. If you have any modeling experience contact the email address above.

Blacklight 是中国第一家 Hip-hop服装品牌。 这是我在中国推广Hip-hop文化的第一步。 如果你要下订单, 请发邮件到 我们同时也在寻找模特。 如果您有任何当模特的经验,也请发邮件和我联系。

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Song of the Week (4) Nas……………….( Nas Is Like)

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones (play /nɑːˈsɪər/; born September 14, 1973), who performs under the name Nas, formerly Nasty Nas, is an American rapper and actor. He’s regarded as one of the most important figures in hip hop. His debut album Illmatic, released in 1994 by Columbia Records, was critically acclaimed and would go on to be widely hailed a classic in the genre. MTV ranked him at #5 on their list of The Greatest MCs (Rappers) of All Time. Editors of ranked him #4 on their list of the Top 50 MCs of Our Time (1987–2007), making him the highest ranking rapper of his generation (ahead of The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and 2Pac).

Nas is my favourite MC of all-time.

Nasir bin Olu Oara Jones 出生于1973年9月14日, 艺名Nas. (最早的时候是Nasty Nas). Nas 是美国著名的说唱歌手和演员。他被认为是美国Hip-pop界的标志性人物之一。 他的第一张专辑“Illmatic” 由哥伦比亚唱片公司于1994年发行。

这张专辑一经发行就被认为是hip-pop的经典之作。时至今日,这张专辑仍然有很大的影响。“MTV”频道将Nas评为历史上最伟大的MC(说唱歌手)第5位。 “” 的编辑将Nas评为当代(1987-2007)“最伟大的50位说唱歌手”第4名。 这些认可奠定了Nas在他同时代说唱歌手中的霸主地位。 ( 领先于“声名鹊起”的 B.I.G, Jay-Z 和 2Pac).


Nas is Like

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Grand Cafe…………….(Osaka, Japan Hachiman-suji, 2-10-21 Nishi-Shinsaibashi)

Grand Cafe is one of the more classier hip-Hop clubs in Osaka. In not only caters to you hip-hop fans but it also has a nice mix of techo/dance/electronic nights spread throughout the week. Its best nights are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Sunday night Safari jams are not to be missed. You will hear some of the best hip-hop music in Osaka. It gets really packed inside side so if you are claustrophobic need not enter. There are two rooms in the club, one with a huge dance floor and another smaller room where people talk and mingle. I usually stay in the smaller room in order to avoid the madness of dancers bumping into me. The drinks are more expensive than in the other clubs I have discussed on my page but this is an overall better venue. The crowd is a little older so the vibe is more chill than Pure or Sam & Dave.

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Grand Café 是大阪比较高端的 hip-pop夜店之一:它不仅能满足hip-pop人群的要求, 而且在音乐方面, 融合了电子乐,舞曲, 电音等等风格。在 Grand Café,最热闹的晚上是星期五,星期六和星期日。 您绝对不能错过周日晚上熙熙攘攘的人群。在这里,你可以听到大阪最好的一些hip-pop音乐,里面也非常热闹, 但是如果你是一个喜欢安静,不善于交际的人的话,您就不必去了。Grand Café 有两个房间:一大一小—大的房间是一个巨大的舞池; 小的房间是人们聊天,社交的地方。 我一般都呆在小房间里因为我可不想一些疯狂的舞者突然出现在我面前。这里的酒比我前面提到的其他酒吧都要贵一些,但是总的来说,这是个不错的地方。 因为在这个club里的人年龄稍微偏大一些, 所以这里的气氛比“Pure or Sam”和 “ Dave” 安静一些。

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Shisaibashi & Dotonbori………….Osaka, Japan

Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) is a district in the Chūō-ku ward of Osaka, Japan and the city’s main shopping area. It centers around Shinsaibashi-suji, a covered shopping street, that is north of Dōtonbori and parallel and east of Mido-suji street. Associated with Shinsaibashi, and west of Mido-suji street, is Amerika-mura, an American-themed shopping area and center of Osaka’s youth culture. Major stores and boutiques concentrates are found around the area. Shinsaibashi is easily accessed via the subway.

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