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SAM & DAVE …………Osaka, Japan

SAM & DAVE is a great venue to listen to hip-hop music if you are ever in Osaka. You can occasionally hear the odd old school rap song but in general it’s catered to the new school brand of hip-hop. The crowd is diverse with a mix of expats and Japanese people. The Japanese people I met in S & D were friendly and enjoyed talking to foreigners. There is a spacious dance floor but also booths to sit in if you just want to chill. I’ve been to Sam & Dave’s many times I don’t remember it closing. Rumors are that it actually closes at 8am. To be honest, I can’t verify that. I usually left after the sun was out and the dance floor was still packed. There are S&D’s in Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka. My personal favourite is the Shinsaibashi branch. It’s in close proximity to other bars in the area which makes in a great after hours spot if you’re not done partying. Drinks are affordable and people actually dance which makes it a great place to check out.

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如果您有机会去大阪,SAM&DAVE 绝对是您听Hip-pop音乐的好地方。你会偶尔听到奇怪的校园Rap音乐,但大多数时候你还是会听到新派的校园风的Hip-pop音乐。去那里的人很多是居住在当地的外国人, 当然也包括本地的日本人。 我在SAM&DAVE见到的日本人都很友好,喜欢和外国人交谈. 这里有宽广的舞池,如果您只想静一静,这里也有相对安静的小房间。我去过SAM&DAVE很多次,我不记得这里什么时候会关门。据说这里早上8点才结束营业,我对此不得而知。我基本都是日出后才会离开,那时候的舞池里还是挤满了人。在京都,大阪和福冈都有SAM&DAVE的分店,我个人还是最喜欢Shinsaibashi的分店。它离周边其他的夜店很近,所以如果您意犹未尽的话,从这里也可以很方便的转战其他的店。价格公道的酒水,跳舞的人群都使得这家店成为必去之地。