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How to Properly Eat Sushi

For you beginners……………Start with the lighter, more delicate fish and then move on to the darker and fattier ones. You’ll give yourself the chance to enjoy the lighter flavors of the white fish like snapper without overwhelming your taste buds with the fatty richness of tuna.


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Suma Beach………….Kobe, Japan

If you are ever in Kobe I insist that you don’t pass the opportunity to visit Suma Beach. Its one of the best beaches in the Kansai region of Japan. Suma Beach is a 40 minute train ride from Umeda Station in Osaka on the JR Line. The train actually stops at the (SUMA BEACH STATION) so you don’t need to worry about getting lost. Every summer they host various outdoor beach parties where foreigners and Japanese people mingle freely. Sundays nights are the best time to go in my opinion. Japanese people love Reggae music and they cater to that crowd on Sundays. If you’re not a fan of reggae they have techno/dance/pop music to fill your musical desires. The beach parties start in June and stop around mid September so make sure you make it there before then.

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Suma-ku (須磨区; Suma-ku) is one of 9 wards of Kobe City in Japan. It has an area of 30.0 km², and a population of 168,400 (2008).There is a white sandy beach in this ward, which attracts tourists to the Kansai region for sun bathing and popular events during the summer season. The same beach has appeared in the classic epics Genji monogatari, Heike monogatari, and Ise monogatari. Thus Suma is often referred as an utamakura or meisho, referenced frequently in waka poetry, Noh theatre, kabuki and jōruri.

The Beach Boys made a song titled “Sumahama” after this beach in 1970s.

如果你有机会去神户的话,那么我建议你一定不要错过去Suma 海滩的机会。Suma 海滩是 日本关西地区最好的海滩之一。 如果你乘坐新干线,Suma 海滩距大阪的Umeda车站只有四十分钟的路程。列车将在“Suma 海滩”站停车,所以你根本不用担心找不到目的地。每年夏天在Suma 海滩有各种各样的户外沙滩派对, 这也是外国人和日本人交流和认识的好机会。 在我看来,周日的晚上是去Suma 海滩的最佳时机。 日本人很喜欢加勒比风格的音乐, 所以每个周日Suma 海滩上都会聚集大批的此类音乐发烧友。 如果您不是加勒比风格音乐的发烧友的话也没有关系, 他们也有 电子乐, 舞曲和流行乐等其他风格的音乐来满足您对音乐的要求。这些沙滩派对一般会从6月开始,一直持续到9月中旬。所以您一定要在这些派对开始之前赶到Suma 海滩。