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Teaching English in……….Bangkok

By Evan

(Taught in Bangkok, Thailand)

Thailand is a great country to be an expat in because of the low cost of living. The luxury of cheap food, accommodation, and widely available party in Thailand can make the beautiful country side, cities, and beaches even more attractive for excursions and adventures. It may still be possible to live well on $30 a day and in some cases much less if one embraces the lifestyle of your average Thai person.

One difficulty with living in Thailand is the almost impenetrable culture due to the strong feelings of cultural identity. There is no real integration as an expat will always be labelled as ‘falang’ or foreigner. Price inflation and pre conceived notions about cultural attitudes are hard to dispel and this can result in a negative perspective which is maintained by groups of foreigners who feel prejudiced against.

Choose your social circle wisely because there are some very shady characters lurking around Thailand.