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South Koreans Drink 4X as much as Americans!


This is the absolute truth. Ha.  I’ve lived in both countries.  South Koreans take drinking to another level.   Trying mixing Soju with coca cola or Soju with beer.  Tastes Grrrrrrrreat. The biggest alcohol drinkers on the globe aren’t cuddled up somewhere in sub-zero Siberia; they’re sipping on Soju, in South Korea.

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Teaching in………………South Korea

By J.T  (Taught in Seoul)

Taxes, health insurance, pension. Every month about 10-15% total of your check is devoted to these things. Health care is dirt cheap. Doctor visit and prescription $10. Pension can be withdrawn when you finish your time here. Equal to about a months pay each year.

Comfortable living- you can eat well, party, and still save money. Haven’t heard of any teachers who lives as comfortably as the teachers in Korea.

Depending on the job there are lots of other perks. Is possible to have lots of free time and vacation but not at a hagwon. Definitely not teaching adults.

Cons – if you teach adults you have to work splits quite often. So the schedule is tiring. Plus you’re often required to work some weekends during your contract.

Management doesn’t always see eye to eye with western business practices. You may be told one thing but have something different happen. This is mostly hearsay because I’ve never had this problem. Some bosses are overbearing and expect too much from their employees such as working past their scheduled time without pay.

Housing is sometimes lower quality then expected.