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Welcome.  This site is dedicated to people who live, breathe and appreciate Expat Life.  I’ve lived in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Mainland China over the last 5 years. Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of emails from friends and friends of friends asking me the differences between the four main stops for expats in Asia. Living overseas is quite a daunting experience. As jobs become more scarce in North America, more recent graduates and working professionals will be opting to work in Asia.  I have seen or experienced nearly every possible scenario you can have living in Asia and I would like to share my knowledge and experience with the rest of the world.

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  1. Cool web, expecting for more information 🙂

  2. Thanks for follow at English Paradigm! You have certainly lived in a lot of different places and had some awesome adventures.

  3. Thanks for following Peachyteachy!

  4. thank you for following my blog! happy that you like it 🙂 what an interesting blog you have! for sure will be back here 🙂

  5. Hey, hey! I just found your site and have been going through articles/post non-stop. Lol. I’m struggling with going to S.Korea or Japan. (I did read your post on this, it was very helpful) I still wanted to ask your advice on something though.

    I’ve heard that hagwons (sp?) in S.Korea normally don’t hire minorities? (Am I correct to assume you’re a male of color?I’m an African American female). I’ve read TONS of stories on how hagwons don’t hire anyone non-white. They make it seem like you HAVE to go through Epik to go to S.Korea as a miniority.

    My issue is, i don’t want to be an ALT/teachig assistant…I’d rather have my own classroom. This is what’s making me stay away from Epik and Jet. Japan i feel has more options, besides Jet. But you give me hope, because you worked at a hagwon…how was your process? Are there locations or companies that are better. If you have time, you’re welcome to email me:

    Thank you, in advance!!!

    • Hello Lauren. Thanks for making your way to our page. Hagwons are defined as, “For a for-profit private institute, academy or cram school prevalent in South Korea (SK)”. I can’t stress enough the term “FOR PROFIT”. Their ultimate goal is to get people to come to their school. It’s a business. And unfortunately, when many South Koreans, who have never left the country, see a black person, ‘teacher’ is one of the last things that come to mind so hagwons would prefer to hire caucasians . Athlete, entertainer etc is the prevailing stereotype of black people not only in SK but all over Asia and most of the world. HOWEVER, I witnessed many successful black people, myself included, within the SK hagwon system, some even at management level. So, it all depends on your perspective and how you carry yourself. They say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, I believe your perspective on different life situations is in the eye of the beholder, and SK taught me that. I went to SK thinking that they hated black people from everything I read and heard on the internet and that made my first couple of months awful. I thought that everyone was against me because I had already formed preconceived notions about SK people. I finally realized that those things I read and heard were THEIR experiences but not MINE. About three months into my time in SK, I took a vacation and came back with a completely different perspective and SK became my favorite destination during my tenure in Asia. I realized that SK people weren’t against me and it was my vibe that was throwing people off. Obviously everything ain’t great all the time in SK but where is it? Once I changed my mentality and realized that I had and excellent opportunity to experience a new culture and meet/live with people from a different country, everything changed. So, to sum up. Yes, it is possible for you to get into a hagwon. You create your own reality. I didn’t want to teach kids in SK and I didn’t. I know many other minorities that didn’t go the EPIK route as well. It will be harder to get into a hagwon because it’s a private institution but you don’t have to take any job that you don’t want. If you can’t find a job at a hagwon and are still not feeling EPIK, don’t do it. Get some experience in Japan teaching adults, like I did, and be better equipped to enter private school system a year later in SK. Hope that helped!

      • Hi AsiaExpat, thanks so much for the fast and detailed reply! 🙂 I appreciate your perspective and the sound advice. It may benefit me to follow your advice and go to Japan first. That way I’ll be armed with some more teaching experience on my resume. Yet, I will try and see how things go. Never hurts to try. Lol. Thanks again! (Loved the video clip, by the way.)

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